IT services in UA

Case Studies

CMS based website

PHP, Drupal/Wordpress/Joomla, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS

Simple website with static pages or running on CMS without significant modifications: rate is $15-17 per hour and duration is 1-2 man/weeks

Custom website based on framework

PHP, Zend Framework 2, MySQL/Mongo, HTML, CSS, JS

Feature rich website from scratch (for example, some kind of social network or dating website or media sharing/selling): rate is $22-25 and duration is 2-6 man/months

One page website


One page website with lot of JS, user interaction, animations, etc that has to work on all devices: rate is $20-22 and duration is 3-6 man/weeks

Long term project

PHP, ZF2/CakePHP/Symphony, MySQL/Mongo, HTML, CSS

Long term project that is complex from volume of work but isn't too hard to implement: rate is $18-20 and duration starts from 6 man/months

Full time

PHP, ZF2/CakePHP/Symphony, MySQL/Mongo, HTML, CSS, JS

We can also work accept full-time propositions and that's actually what we're looking for. It's possible to hire existing team of 5 people for $14-16K/month. As well, we are ready to expand the team if required (and that's also what we're looking for).